Who We Are

The US-Vietnam Research Center devotes our efforts to promote research and education in three broad areas, including developments in contemporary Vietnam, the history and future of US-Vietnam relations, and critical issues involving the Vietnamese-American community.

We strive to engage the public and the expert community in the US, Vietnam, and elsewhere to promote scholarly knowledge, research collaboration, and public education about Vietnam, US-Vietnam relations, and the Vietnamese-American community.

The Center is headed by Tuong Vu, Professor of Political Science and Director of Asian Studies, and Dr. Khoi Nguyen, Research Fellow in the Global Studies Institute, the University of Oregon. Our activities are administered by the staff of the Global Studies Institute, which also provides financial oversight over the Center’s budget.

Projects within the scope of our research include analyses of current affairs, interviews with scholars and community leaders, historical research, publications of source materials and research findings, and workshops and forums for the exchange of ideas.

We welcome contributions by scholars, researchers, or other readers in the forms of either analytical essays (under 1,000 words) or archival materials. We will promptly acknowledge receipt but reserve the right to select and publish those contributions suitable to our mission.

Our Center welcomes research collaboration projects and financial contributions from private citizens, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. As a non-profit, non-partisan entity, gifts and donations to our program are tax exempted. Gifts and donations are to be made to the University of Oregon Foundation and can be designated for specific projects or for our general endowment fund.

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